Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball Rules

Westmoreland Sports League Softball Rules


Waiver of Liability

·        All participants must agree to the waiver of liability, which can be signed online under your player dashboard

·        All participants in the league assume the risk of injury.  The WSL, its volunteers, and employees shall not be liable for injury to person, loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the league.  This includes cars getting hit by softballs hit over the fence.

·        Any player under the age of 18 will need a signed waiver from a parent or guardian in order to play.  Players may be required to wear a helmet while batting if under the age of 16


·        Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated

·        Any behavior that is deemed violent, harassing, and/or inappropriate in any way, will result in the following:

o   1st infraction â?? player is removed from the current game and must leave the premises.  Depending on severity, player may be suspended for the remainder of the season based on staff discretion.

o   2nd infraction â?? player is suspended for the remainder of the season

·        A player who is ejected from the game must leave the premises immediately.  Play will not resume until the ejected player has left

·        The official reserves the right to end a game or call a timeout at any point if the overall sportsmanship is out of line

·        Captains are to be the team liaison to discuss any call or rule with an official during gameplay


Weather Policy

·        The decision to call a rainout will be made as early as possible

·        We will play in mildly inclement weather as long as the field conditions are not extremely poor or the weather is deemed dangerous

·        Officials have the jurisdiction to call a game due to weather at the beginning or during a game

·        If a game is cancelled, we will try to make the game up on a different day during the week.


Submitting a Roster

·        Each team must submit a roster with a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 16 players

·        No player may register for more than 1 team within the same league

·        Rosters must be submitted and a waiver form must be signed before any player may take the field

·        Players will be allowed to be rostered at any point during the season.  In order to be eligible for playoffs, they must play in at least 3 regular season games.

·        Only rostered players will be eligible for playoffs


·        Teams must have 3 females minimum; teams can consist of all females but not all men

·        A team can start play with a minimum of 8 players (1 female minimum)

o   A team must have a minimum of 9 players (2 female minimum) by the start of the 2 nd inning or they forfeit the game

o   If a team has 9 players but not a minimum of 2 girls, there will be an automatic out put into the lineup for the missing girl.  Team captains may decide where the outs will be placed at in the lineup

·        Teams will have 10 minutes after the scheduled start time to have enough players to play

·        During the regular season, teams may borrow players from other teams to fill in for the game.  Teams may not borrow players during playoffs

Game Length

·        Regulation games are 7 innings.  Regulation games can end in a tie

·        If a game is called due to weather after 5 full innings of play, the game shall be considered a regulation game and will not be made up.

·        Any game called before 5 full innings of play will be made up and restarted from the beginning

·        Each game has a max of 1 hour and 15 minutes of play in order to fit all of the games in. 

·        If there is time, an extra inning may be played in case of a tie.  There needs to be at least 10 minutes before the next game or end of day in order for the extra inning to be played

·        The mercy rule will be in effect.  The game will end if a team is winning by 15 or more runs after the 3rd inning or winning by 10 or more runs after the 5 th inning

·        Playoff games will be played until a winner is determined.  In case of a playoff game being called during gameplay, the game will be rescheduled and the score will carry over to the next game


Playing Field

·        The bases are set 70 feet apart

·        The pitcherâ??s mound is approximately 50 feet from home plate

o   Pitcherâ??s have to be in line between home plate and 2 nd base and no more than 3 ft to the left or right of 2 nd base

·        There will be a strike mat behind home plate.  Any legal pitch that lands on the strike mat and/or home plate (including the black trim) will be called a strike

·        There will be am orange â??safetyâ?? first base for runners to run to

·        There will be a commit line for runners going to home plate to score.  The commit line will be 20 feet from home plate. There will also be a scoring line coming out from the left top corner of home plate for the runner to cross.

o   As soon as a runner passes over the commit line, they have to go home as it then becomes a force out at home.  If the catcher catches the ball and tags home plate before the runner crosses over the scoring line, the runner is out.

·        If a runner touches home plate to score instead of crossing over the score line, the runner will be out.

·        Runners may also be tagged out before they cross the scoring line.


·        A lineup must be submitted to the umpire before the game begins

·        We will use a continuous batting order and every member of the team will be in the lineup.  (lineups may be longer than 10 batters)

·        A player arriving late to the game may be added to the end of the lineup

·        If a player has to leave early from a game, the order will stay the same and there will not be an out when their spot in the lineup is reached

Illegal line-up/bat rules

·        See the list for legal bats.  Bats must be single walled and cannot be made up of composites or titanium (White Steel Illegal)

·        Females are permitted to use composite bats

·        An illegal bat will be removed from gameplay immediately if used. 

·        Any player batting out of order or using an illegal bat during an at-bat will be ruled â??outâ??

·        Any runs scored while using an illegal bat or lineup will be nullified.

Game Play

·        Bunting, stealing, or advancing on a wild pitch is not permitted

·        Base runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.  Leaving the base before the batter makes contact with the ball is an out

·        Pitchers must pitch underhand with an arc between 6-12 feet from the ground

·        The infield fly rule will be in effect

·        Each batter starts with a 1-1 count and gets one free foul.  If the batter has two strikes against and hits a foul ball, that foul ball will not count as strike 3 unless it is the second foul ball of the at-bat

·        Throwing a bat after a follow-through of their swing, they will receive a warning from the umpire.  The second time it occurs, the batter will be out

·        If a team intentionally wants to walk a batter, the pitcher may waive the pitches and the batter may advance to first base

·        A runner may not slide beyond the base to break up a double play

o   The runnerâ??s feet must go at the bag if sliding feet first

o   If a runner slides to break up a double play, they will be called out.  If the runner at the prior base reaches safely due to the double play being broken up, he/she will also be called out

·        Fielders may not block a base or baseline unless they have possession of the ball or is in the act of fielding the ball

·        Runners must slide or surrender when a fielder has the ball and is waiting at the base to make the tag.  Runners who donâ??t slide will be called out

o   Surrender will be defined as slowing down to the point where the runner can hold the base without contacting the fielder covering the base

·        A runner will be called out if they go outside of the baseline by more than 3 feet


·        Softballs will be provided by the WSL.  We will use the Dudley SB 12 yellow softballs (12â??)

·        Teams must bring their own bats and gloves (I will have extra bats)

·        Metal cleats/spikes are not permitted



·        All teams will make playoffs

·        Seedings will be based off of wins/losses

·        1st and 2nd place seeds will receive a â??byeâ??

·        Playoffs will be double-elimination


·        Teams that are tied in the standings will use the following order to determine seeding:

o   Head to head record

o   Most regular season wins

o   Least runs allowed

o   Most runs scored

o   Coin toss

*We will follow ASA softball rules for most of the rulings other than the league rules mentioned above. 


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