Softball Approved Bat List

Westmoreland Sports League Approved Softball Bat List

To keep our leagues safe and fun, only single-walled bats that are not made of composites or titanium can be used.  Wooden bats are also not allowed since they may break and cause injury.  Baseball bats are not permitted.

Notes about a few manufacturers:

Anderson Bat Co - the Nano Tek bat is an "all-metal composite" and is ILLEGAL

DeMarini - the WHITE Steel is illegal because of its composite handle. 

Easton - avoid anything with "CNT" or "CXN."  CNT means carbon nano technology

(aka composite).  CXN means it most likely has a composite handle.  The STEALTH

is illegal because of its composite handle.

Louisville Slugger  - If it says "XXL" it is double-walled. (If any of the TPS models

below come in an XXL, do not use that version of the bat

Worth - "EST" = exterior shell technology, "PST" = performance shell technology,

"TST" = thin shell technology, their tricky code words for double-walled.  EST, PST,

and TST bats are not permitted.

Mizuno - Almost all Mizuno bats are composites.  "Techfire" is their codeword for

their multi-walled composite technology.  "Banzai Aluminum" is actually a

composite material and therefore illegal.

Miken - Miken bats are composite.

Rip-It - Rip-It bats are composite bats that are made of "Beyond Composite


Composite bats don't always say "composite" on them!  Please don't take

the wrapping off your bat until you've researched it and you are 100%

positive it is not composite. 

Approved Bat List

Adidas Vanquish

Akadema Xtenstion

Anderson Flex

Anderson Flextech

Anderson KSP

Anderson Pyrotech

Anderson Ignite

Anderson KFP

Anderson PyroTech SP

DeBeer Clincher

DeBeer Clincher Silver

DeBeer Icon

DeMarini Bruiser

DeMarini Defiance

DeMarini Destroyer

DeMarini Nitress

DeMarini Nitro

DeMarini Ultimate Weapon

DeMarini Uprising

DeMarini Deemo

DeMarini Venom (2004)

DeMarini Vexxum (2004-2006)

Dudley Assault

Easton Black Magic

Easton Black Max

Easton Cyclone

Easton Diamond Pro

Easton Hammer

Easton Havoc

Easton React

Easton Redline (except Z or C-Core)

Easton Reflex (except Z or C-Core)

Easton Rival SV3 and Rival XXL

Easton S200

Easton S300

Easton S500

Easton Salvo SP12SVS (SRV5 is Illegal)

Easton Salvo Scandium

Easton SE910

Easton SK17

Easton SK7

Easton Smoker

Easton Spectre

Easton Triple 7 (SC777)

Easton Typhoon

Easton V12

Easton X-Treme

Easton Black Magic

Easton Black Max

Easton ConneXion Gold

Easton CU31

Easton Cyclone SK34

Easton Edge

Easton Hammer

Easton Impact

Easton L.90

Easton Mystique

Easton PowerCore

Easton Quantum SC900 CXN

Easton Rebel

Easton Redline (except Z or C-Core)

Easton Redline C Core SZ8C

Easton Redline SC900 (ST360, non-CXN)

Easton Redline Schuck

Easton Redline Sunbelt

Easton Redline Sunbelt (no composites)

Easton Redline SX370 ISF

Easton Redline Z-core MDL SZ5-Z

Easton Reflex (except Z or C-Core)

Easton Reflex SK30, SX60, SX70, SX80b (SX60B is Illegal)

Easton Reflex SX72

Easton Reflex Ultra Dan (SRX2DS )

Easton Reflex/Extended SX50

Easton S60

Easton Salvo Scandium (2013 model# SP12SVS ONLY)

Easton SC777

 Easton SK19

Easton Storm

Easton STS1

Easton SV12

Easton SX10 (ST10 is ILLEGAL)

Easton SX23432

Easton SZ77

Easton Triple 7

Easton Triple 8 Havoc (Model SZ810)

Easton Typhoon

Easton V12 SV1 & SV2 (SV12 SSV1 is illegal)

Easton Z Core ConneXion ST1-Z

Easton Z Core ConneXion ST2-Z

Easton Z-core 777 SZ77

Easton Z-core ConneXion - black with blue on gold writing

Grover Gold

Grover MVP

Grover Silver

Louieville SBXA

Louisville Slugger Gamer

Louisville Slugger Genesis (SB103 & SB34 is illegal)

Louisville Slugger Grand Slam

Louisville Slugger Response Power Dome

Louisville Slugger Samurai

Louisville Slugger Silver

Louisville Slugger TPS (P3432W)

Louisville Slugger TPS (TPSP3428L)

Louisville Slugger TPS (TPSP3431P)

Louisville Slugger TPS Advanced Player

Louisville Slugger TPS Armor

Louisville Slugger TPS C405 & C405Plus

Louisville Slugger TPS CU31 (TPSP3431P)

Louisville Slugger TPS Dynasty

Louisville Slugger TPS Dynasty PowerDome

Louisville Slugger TPS Gold

Louisville slugger tps quest fp12q -12 fastpitch

Louisville Slugger TPS SB20 C555

Louisville Slugger TPS Warrior

Louisville slugger tps warrior: sb12w slow pitch

Louisville Slugger TPS XXL (SB27 Only)

Louisville Slugger Warrior Power Dome

MacGregor X10SB

Mizuno Finch

Mizuno Mirage

Nike Aero Launch

Nike Aero Show II

Nike Aero Venom

Nike Battaboom

Nike Black Powder

Nike Bomber

Nike El Loco

Nike Hawk

Nike Igniter

Nike Imara


Nike Keystone

Nike Keystone Gold

Nike Show

Nike Storm (except GPT BT0025, BT0024)

Nike Swoosh

Nike Aero Thunder

One Cryo Equalizer

Power Contour MDL SE911...EA70

Powerhouse Troy

Powerhouse Troy Brumbalow

Powerhouse Xtreme

Rawlings Fuel

Rawlings Powerforged

Rawlings Ambush

Rawlings Caliber

Rawlings Elite Stick

Rawlings Fuel

Rawlings Powerforged

Rawlings Powerforged

Rawlings Triumph

Steele�?�¢??s Blue

Steele�?�¢??s Laserflex

Steele�?�¢??s Storm

Team Worth Supercell (SBWR)

Team Worth Supercell (SSLLC)

Toledo Inferno

TPS SB75P Dynasty - Power End Load ST+20 alloy (2007)

TPS 3426

TPS 3433

TPS Advanced Player (SB30)

TPS Air Attack 3 fastpitch

TPS Air Attack II fastpitch

TPS C2000

TPS C405 Dirk Androff Signature model

TPS C405 Plus

TPS Dirk Androff

TPS Dynasty Power dome

TPS Dynasty Powerdome


TPS Gamer

TPS Gold

TPS Grand Slam


TPS Momentum






TPS SB406 Dynasty �?�¢?? Power dome ST+20 alloy (2006)

TPS SB704 Gold �?�¢?? Power End Load CU31 alloy (2006)

TPS SB76W Warrior - Power End Load CU31 alloy (2007)

TPS SB77S Samurai - Power End Load (2007)

TPS SB78S Slash �?�¢?? Rolled End (2007)

TPS SB806 Gamer �?�¢?? 7046 alloy (2006)

TPS SB905 Silver Slugger �?�¢?? 7046 alloy (2006)

TPS Silver Slugger

TPS Warrior Powerdome

TPS Advanced Player

TPS C555

TPS Gold

TPS SB23 �?�¢?? Gold (2001)



TPS-SB12A Armor

TPS-SB12G Geneses

TPS-SB12W Warrior

Wilson Beast

Wilson Beast

Wilson Model 6000 SB

Worth Amp Slowpitch (NOT the Fastpitch version--that one is multi-walled)*

Worth Blade*

Worth Carl Rose Supercell*

Worth Clincher*

Worth deBeer Clincher Silver*

Worth Excalibur*

Worth Insanity*

Worth Powercell*

Worth Reload (NOT the one with TST on it, that model is multi-walled)*

Worth Revolver REVFP*

Worth Silencer Whiplash*

Worth Supercell VT*

Worth Supercell*

Worth 3DX (ASA 2000)

Worth ALXSB Silencer Chrome X

Worth Black Magic

Worth ERC-66C


Worth Lighthouse

Worth Power Zone (SW3)

Worth Powercell (SW4/SW4P/PC5BT/PC5UL)

Worth Powercell 2SB

Worth Powercell CU31

Worth Powercell ERC-BOT

Worth Powercell W2SB7

Worth Powercell WhipLash

Worth Prodigy W7SB & SBPCX (POC98R is illegal)

Worth PST Search & Destroy

Worth Reload & Toxic Reload-SBRLDA

Worth Revolver EST Softball Bat Model # SBEST

Worth Storm

Worth Supercell

Worth Supercell VT

Worth Toxic

*EST, PST & TST versions of these bats are NOT permitted.  Make sure your

Worth bat does not say EST, PST or TST on it or in the model number.

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